Terms of service

BDWALLETSERVICE 's Terms of Service

Last Update: April 2020

Welcome to bdwalletservice.com.

Terms and conditions:

Please read the Terms of Service carefully before you start to use the Site. By using the Site, opening an account or by clicking to accept or agree to the Terms of Service when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, found here, incorporated herein by reference. If you do not want to agree to these Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the Site. For more detailed policies surrounding the activity and usage on the Site, please access the designated articles herein.

  1. Only registered users may buy and sell on BDWALLETSERVICE. Registration is free.
  2. Anyone can register/open an account. In order to open an account, the rules for account management that have been read, understood and accepted will be considered. 
  3. Each account will be given one username with password. BDWALLETSERVICE will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring as result of wrong quotation to username.
  4. BDWALLETSERVICE can view your submitted information at the registration time for contacting with you. We need to contact with you for our changes or upgrades to our products or services that may additionally have an effect on our service to you.
  5. BDWALLETSERVICE reserves the right to change service charges anytime.
  6. Account holder must provided maximum security to the "username/password" in their possession and the BDWALLETSERVICE is not responsible for any loss occurring due to inadequacy of security, any "username/password" loss of misuse must be immediately reported to the BDWALLETSERVICE with subsequent confirmation in writing without any delay.
  7. BDWALLETSERVICE reserves the right to close any account without giving prior notice if the conduct of the account is unsatisfactory in the opinion of the BDWALLETSERVICE or for any other reason(s) whatsoever. The opinion passed by the BDWALLETSERVICE in the regard shall be final and conclusive and binding upon the customer.
  8. BDWALLETSERVICE reserves the right to verify all information provided by client.
  9. If any amount of fund added via PayPal or others e-wallet is reversed/rejected/returned/refunded/suspended/cancelled then the client must return the full amount to BDWALLETSERVICE. The client will also pay all charges / fee regarding the transaction.
  10. BDWALLETSERVICE reserves the right to amend the present rules at any manner with or without giving prior notice to the account holder(s) separately or to the public. The account will not be active until all the required formalities are completed.

Terms Of Services:

  1. Our order process usually takes 10-30 minutes (It can takes maximum 24 hours if the Admin are offline).
  2. Customer need to bear their own wallet transaction fees.
  3. If you need any instant support or payment confirmation feel free to contact us. You can find our contact details on the contact page.
  4. For reason of better service we aren't provide any types of advance payment. (You need to pay first to get your required service)
  5. Our expertise in gateway control also depends on the supply and demand relationship for security purposes. You may have to wait longer if you can't find a service on the send or receive option, or you can request us via [email protected]bdwalletservice.com or live chat)
  6. BDWALLETSERVICE does not provide protection for users who interact outside of the BDWALLETSERVICE website.
  7. All exchanges must be performed exclusively on BDWALLETSERVICE website.
  8. Our Refund process can takes up to 24 hours. (Bkash, Rcket or Nagad charges will be applicable)

PayPal dollar sell conditions:
  1. We are the first using Semi-Automatic process for exchange PayPal dollar. You don’t need to copy or write our PayPal email while exchanging. Just select your desired amount and press the Exchange button. Our system will automatically redirect you to PayPal payment gateway. 
  2. Don’t need to send by FnF feature. Goods and Service (Payment) are acceptable. Service fee will be deducted from your sending amount.
  3. You will get the money from 10 minutes to 24 hours after completed your payment.
PayPal dollar buy conditions:
When you order PayPal as receive option we will send it by using Goods and Service (payment) feature. 
If you want to buy PayPal USD you must have a verified account prior to place your order. A verified means it must have verified by card or bank, email and also phone. 

Prevention and detection of crime:

We may additionally need to ignore your facts on to Governmental departments, Regulatory bodies, the law enforcement businesses or to a courtroom of law. This would be done, for example, to help in the prevention of a crime (Anti Money Laundering/fraud) to meet prison necessities or for different lawful purposes.